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Selasa, 07 Januari 2014

Sales abroad (outside Indonesia) , OPEN

Sales abroad (outside Indonesia). The system of payment through paypal and WU

The procedure / method of activation orders BBloader / refill credits BBloader
  • Give your email has been registered in paypal
  • Give SN mxkey to be activated,

    30 usd
    activation BBldr retail on smartcard Mxkey 

    70 usd activation BBldr master (upgrade from retail) on smartcard Mxkey

    100 usd  activation BBldr full (retail + master) on smartcard Mxkey

    210 usd  activation BBldr full (retail + master _ SuperMaster (unlimited credits)) on smartcard Mxkey

    Price :
    1 usd = 1 credits ReFill credit BBloader
  •  Bill sent to your email
  •  Pay with paypal and your SN have been activated in the server BBloader (1x24 hours)

The procedure / method order BBloader dongle / mxkey dongle with activated BBloader Software
  • make sure you state, are within the range of delivery by POS Indonesia
    use the services of Pos Indonesia for delivery abroad (outside Indonesia), to find out if your country can be sent from our store, please open this link,

    From (Dari) : select Yogyakarta
    To (Ke) : select your country of residence
    Weight (Berat) : 220
    Dimensions (Dimensi) : 10cm x 10cm x 10cm
    Press Button Show Rates
      (Tampilkan Tarif)

    Price : 130 usd (bbloader dongle activated Master)

    Price : 240 usd
    (bbloader dongle activated SuperMaster)

    Also see this info

  • Give your email has been registered in paypal
  • Give the full address, phone number is active, and the recipient's name
  • Invoice sent to your email (include shipping costs to your country)
  • Pay with paypal / WU and goods are directly shipped
  • Have the number of your delivery receipt

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