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Senin, 27 Januari 2014

Update BBLoader version 1.3 build: 2611

version 1.3 build: 2611

ADD: Revised Repair task, native USB communication implemented.
ADD: Reset MSL task
ADD: Re-Branding task
ADD: Restore QCFS backup task
ADD: Remanage QCFS filename format for better user understanding eg: 9900[IMEI][WCDMA_XXX]
ADD: Basic device info for "Built-in Media Storage" and "QCFS" state and availability
ADD: Backup secure data option on flashing (only for MASTER license user)
ADD: Restore secure data option on +Advance tab (only for MASTER license user)
REMOVED: Legacy function as this will not usefull anymore
BUGFIX: PRD files download
BUGFIX: Read NV on CDMA tab(made an invalid QCNV file format)
BUGFIX: Write Default Cal on CDMA tab
BUGFIX: Failed to read metrics[x]
BUGFIX: No Security Dongle
BUGFIX: Modular Flashing causing Error 507

General informations:

HIS and HOS mode: flash -> +Advance
      in this mode, if the phone is crash the phone will display an error code.
HIS = PRODUCTion mode.
      in this mode, if the phone is crash the phone reboot.

Device state(summary):
Secured device: yes <- means it is NORMAL phone(will display "no" when you connect a "prototype" device)
Built-in Media Storage: enabled <- enabled: NORMAL, disabled: was available but has been DISABLED, not available: No Built-in Storage available on this phone
QCFS partition: exist <- exist: means you may use "Rebuild QCFS, Reset MSL, CDMA" functions, not available: No QCFS partition for this device

Delete Persistent Store: service -> +Utility
Delete applications data and cache, this will also delete BBID and email account, device settings.

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