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Sabtu, 08 Maret 2014

9900 testimoni Flashing dengan BBloader versi terbaru

9900 testimoni Flashing dengan BBloader versi terbaru

New Version...Full Speed

Connected to USB: 33F8C2740C8739CFE5338D56B484224FA82AE4F8
Uploading RAM Loader...
Attempting to connect to BootImage...
BootImage connection successful
Scheduling QCFS backup 9900[HWV-39388-006-4,2A88DFC3], crc: 0xCA388AC6
Scheduling OSNV backup 9900[2A88DFC3], crc: 0x57FE5B47
Secure data has been stored to server successfully.

Connected to USB: 33F8C2740C8739CFE5338D56B484224FA82AE4F8
Driver: [RimUsb] version:, NTMP:
Connection status: EHCI:HUB:HUB:USB 2.00 High-speed
Operating system: 6.1.7601.18229 (WoW64) Service Pack 1 - English (United States)
User: Rully [RULLY-PC]
Connecting to bootrom...
Hardware ID: 0x07001204 (9900) RIM BlackBerry Device
Build: ec_agent, Jul 7 2011 14:26:50
Security: Enable
Drivers: 0x00000010
LDR Blocks: 0x80014074
Bootrom Size: 0x00020000
Processor: 0x00400001
Flash ID: 0x00000000
HW Version Class:
Board Revision: 0018
CPU Version: 0166
SW Compatibility: 0002
POP Revision: 0011
Power Mgt Hardware: 0001
POP Security: 0001
WCDMA Band supported: 0000
BSIS support: 0001
Charger Hardware: 0006
NFC: 0005
Holster Mag Sensor: 0001
Uploading RAM Loader...
Attempting to connect to BootImage...
BootImage connection successful
Requesting BootImage Handshake
Device Info:
Vendor ID: 102 - ATT
GUID: 33F8C2740C8739CFE5338D56B484224FA82AE4F8
Bootrom hash: 6948B0241EB755803691AC218416EBFBB2F6BC14
HW ID Override: None
Flash (eMMC):
NAND blocks: 0-113039
ID: 0x4508 (******* (4.41))
Page size: 0x00010000 (64 Kb)
Total size: 2.90 GB
Mem Config Table (ver 1.27):
Flash Chip: blocks 0-131071, Chip 0, Sub 0
Boot0 MMC: blocks 0-15, total = 16, flags = 0x0003
User MMC: blocks 16-131071, total = 131056, flags = 0x0003
Bootrom: blocks 0-15
MCT: block 16
OS NV: blocks 17-80, total 64
Apps EFS: blocks 81-208, total = 128
Modem EFS: blocks 209-336, total = 128
Branding: blocks 337-384
OS Fixed: blocks 385-1252
UMP Fixed: blocks 1253-1520, total = 268
FS Fixed: blocks 1521-8207, total = 6687
FS Nand FAT: blocks 8208-131071, total = 122864
MMC Enhanced: blocks 16-8207, total 8192
NAND Config: type 0, data 0x00001000 0x00010000
NAND Config: type 1, data 0x15180003 0x00000000
RAM Chip: 0x00000000-0FFFFFFF, Bank Size 33554432
RAM Chip: 0x20000000-2FFFFFFF, Bank Size 33554432
RAM Chip: 0x40000000-4FFFFFFF, Bank Size 33554432
CRC: 0x6F4087BD
Branding file: VSM-34150-001
Vendor ID: 613 (Brightpoint Indonesia/Axis/3-Indonesia/Telkomsel/Indosat/XL Indonesia)
Resource Size: 0x00000602
CRC: 0xB586088D (valid)
Logo Dimensions: No Logo
Writing branding data ...
Completed in 12.203 s

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